Monday, February 9, 2015

Cyto-Form Complete!

I finally finished my latest sculpture "Cyto-Form." It is cast in solid blue crystal, i.e., glass, and I have to say, I'm in LOVE--hard to sell this one--but I have to!  The really cool thing about it is that it can be arranged in umpteen (anyone care to insert real math here?) different ways to create different sculptural designs... in this way it's quite customizable! This is because the sculpture is comprised of three separate elements that can be propped, stacked or otherwise situated to whatever affect is desired.  I have shown some possibilities in these images here.

I like blood cells as an expression of art.  Their shape alone is interesting and lovely to me, and then there's their function/meaning--an altogether greater point of fascination.  My use of blood cells are largely inspired by the idea of the foundations of life and energy--the things that make life possible.  This might be the perfect sculpture for someone in the medical or biological profession!  If you are interested in more photos or information let me know.  This the ONLY one of its kind, and if it's still available it can be purchased in my Etsy shop! (link is under my picture on the right hand side of page.)

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